Monday, December 03, 2012

Flooding - We were very fortunate in Corning and its environs: We suffered no flooding! Praise God! We watched television coverage of areas but a few miles from here where flooding was rampant. Many were without power for days. Many lost homes and businesses. We were very fortunate. Today is forecast to be sunny and dry. Tomorrow and Wednesday, it is predicted that there will be rain—albeit not nearly so much rain as we experienced over the weekend. Flood warnings end at 10 AM this morning for most of Northern California. Thursday through the weekend, forecasters predict warm weather, sunshine, no rain, and no wind! That sounds wonderful!

In celebration of the sunshine that now brightly shines upon us, I declare today to be a day of mirth!

EEK! - I was not quick enough. A creature encroached upon my reverie, and I feel impelled to share with you the details of this most inauspicious visitation: As I sat at my desk—gleefully collecting humorous items to share here—a creature of indeterminate gender entered my office. This creature's mode of dress and general mien offered no appreciable indicator of gender. When speech came forth from the creature, however, I determined it to be female. She said, "You fixed my laptop last week and now it's doing it again." She held forth a laptop as if she expected me to take it from her grasp.

"I have never seen you prior to the moment you entered my office," I said.

She replied, "My brother brought it in last week and you said you fixed it and got rid of the virus and all but it's still doing just the same that it did before."

"I have never seen your laptop prior to the moment you entered my office," I said. I suggest that you consult with your brother and ask him where he took it, since he did not bring it here."

She rummaged about in the various pockets of her coat, and a cell phone suddenly appeared in her right hand. "Yeah. It's me. I'm here at the computer place and the guy says he didn't do it. Yeah. No. Yeah. No. Yeah. Okay. Bye." She stowed the cell phone and said, "My brother says he thinks he thinks he brought it here. This is XXXXXXX, right?"

"No," I said. "This is not XXXXXXX. This is California Technologies—as indicated by the large sign on the front window of this office."

"You sure?" she asked.

I replied, "All things in this world are relative. If your parents had no children, chances are very good neither will you!"

She turned and exited my office.

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