Monday, December 17, 2012

The Weekend

The Weekend - The weekend seemed to end very quickly—much too quickly! Laura slow-cooked a pork shoulder with onions, a head of garlic cloves, tomatoes, Jalapeños, habaneros, and herbs and seasonings all day Saturday and for several hours on Sunday.

She announced that it was done at 3:30 PM on Saturday. She froze a large quantity of this wonderful pork birria and refrigerated a portion of it for dinner this evening. We shall stuff small flour tortillas with birria, add fresh salsa, and roll into burritos. We shall serve this with refried beans and spicy Mexican rice.

Saturday evening, we dined upon orange chicken. Laura cooked it to perfection, and we ate it from bowls, sitting on the futon, watching Remains. This was an excellent zombie movie. I highly recommend it. It concerned a group of non-zombies trapped within a Reno casino.

I made teriyaki chicken stir-fry with curry rice last evening. It was delightful. Leftovers followed Laura to Chico this morning for her lunch.

Last evening, we watched an episode of "My Name Is Earl" in which Earl produced a movie that used show regulars as the cast. It was particularly hootable. We have come to be great fans of this show.

This kitty has a talent for getting down, but I am left wondering how he got <>em>up there!