Friday, December 14, 2012

Desperately Seeking Warmth -and- The Handle Bar in Chico

Desperately Seeking Warmth - The outside temperature was 33° as I enjoyed the wonderful breakfast that Laura prepares for us each weekday.

I feared that when I clambered into Mr. Nitro R/T, his windshield would be encrusted with a thick, icy carapace. Surely, the temperature had been well below freezing earlier, I thought.

When I entered Mr. Nitro R/T at 7:30 AM, however, there was absolutely NO ICE on his windshield!!! Praise God!

Mr. Nitro R/T has every conceivable option and accessory—including Remote Start. It would seem a simple enough matter to use Remote Start to warm Mr. Nitro R/T for a few minutes prior to exiting the house. This would warm his interior and defrost his windshield and rear lift gate window. HOWEVER it would be necessary to set the heater and defroster controls when exiting him the previous day in order for Remote Start to be utile, and this is something I have never managed to accomplish!

The Handle Bar in Chico - My friend, Carolyn, and her fiancé have opened a new drinking and dining establishment in Chico—The Handle Bar. It is located at 2070 East 20th Street, Suite 160, and the telephone number is 530-894-2337. You can see more information, photos, and chatter on their Facebook page at

Surely, Santa could use just one more reindeer!

Be careful out there, Santa!