Friday, December 28, 2012

Call Me!

Call me! - Several years ago, Laura and I discontinued home telephone service. We determined that we rarely used the landline—choosing to use instead our Droid X Android cell phones and service from Verizon. Since we rarely used the landline, it seemed sensible to discontinue the service. We have never regretted this decision.

It was, then, with great interest that I read a report that stated that over half of the population of the U.S. had similarly chosen to discontinue landline phone service.

I have since discontinued cellular service on my Droid X and, instead, use it—along with my ASUS Transformer Prime and Google Nexus 7 tablets—to make and receive telephone calls using Wi-Fi and Google Voice. If you are unfamiliar with Google Voice, I highly recommend you try it!

Google Voice is a free telephone service that provides a free phone number, free calling to the U.S. and Canada, call forwarding, voice mail, etc. It is wonderful and FREE!

We keep our cats—Zeus and Thor—indoors and feed them only dry cat food. They are very healthy, robust, and playful.

At times, human food appears to look inviting. This morning, Laura noticed her cat, Thor, intrigued by her scrambled eggs. She took this photograph:

I doubt I would feel comfortable contracting someone to do work that he cannot spell!

Speaking of cats...