Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This Tent's for You, Bone Appetit, -and- All in the Family

This Tent's for You - Arizona posse jails illegal immigrants
Bone Appetit - cannibal flashes teeth at judge
All in the Family - mother and son crime team faces over 100 charges

Here's how to create your own personal Stage 2 Smog Alert: Buy an indoor air purifier! Using a popular process called ionization, the air cleaners can actually generate ozone levels in a room that exceed the worst smog days in Los Angeles, a new study finds. Ionic air purifiers are said to work by charging airborne particles and then attracting them to metal electrodes. They emit ozone as a byproduct of this ionization process. In a small and poorly ventilated room, the ozone adds to existing ozone and creates potentially unhealthy concentrations.

Yesterday's photograph of "Toenail Girl" created such interest that I am offering photographs of the creature's sisters in weirdness. Click to enlarge.