Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bang!, School Daze, -and- Take a Deep Breath

Bang! - "Super Columbine Massacre RPG" sparks controversy
School Daze - 6-year-old boy ready for university
Take a Deep Breath - canned oxygen to go on sale in Japan

I recently received a solicitation call from the Better Business Bureau and noted at the time that the Caller ID box reported "Better Business Bureau." I was confident this morning when a caller identified herself as a representative of that agency that she was dishonest, since the Caller ID reported "Unknown Name."

CALLER: This is Karen with the Better Business Bureau. Is the owner or manager in please? ME: Yes. CALLER: Is that you? ME: Yes. CALLER: And your name is? ME: David Louis Harter. CALLER: Well, David, we have a complaint filed against you by John and Rhonda Thompson. The complaint states that you refused to service their computer. [Readers may recall this episode several weeks ago. It was impolitely demanded of me that I remedy repairs made by another shop and that I send my bill to that shop! Understandably, I refused.] ME: I recall these creatures and the abhorrent demands they made of me. CALLER: So you don't deny the charges? ME: Of course not! In fact, I would further extend my patience in this matter and allow them to darken my doorway once again so that I may have the opportunity to repeat my refusal. You are certainly welcome to accompany them. Please give me sufficient lead time so that I may arrange for a representative of the Better Business Bureau to be here! [PLONK!}

Laura had lunch yesterday at a new Chinese restaurant in Chico, Wok the Dog.
She enjoyed her meal, until she read her fortune cookie!