Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Open Wide!, Cough It Up!, -and- Not Again!

Open Wide! - man frees puppy from alligator's jaws
Cough It Up! - catfish recovers woman's stolen class ring
Not Again! - robber holds up same clerk twice in one night

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend! I trust that you are all now well rested and eager to return to your regular schedules!

We spent the weekend relaxing, playing Trivial Pursuit, reading, grilling, watching television, and researching mattresses in anticipation of purchasing a new bed. Although our bed (a Serta Millennium) is barely six years old, it does not give the firm support we need for comfortable, restorative rest. Our chiropractor recommended that we replace it, so the research has begun.

Friday evening, Laura had nursery duties at Harvest Christian Center. It was after 9 PM when she returned home, and neither of us was hungry for a big meal, so we had toasted bagels with cheese, watched a few episodes of "Cops," and got to bed early.

Saturday morning, Laura had a hair appointment at 9 AM. I intended to arise and start preparation of brunch while she was gone, but I fell asleep when she left and did not awaken until she returned. Laura prepared a frittata. We ate and then enjoyed a Trivial Pursuit tournament. I was victorious. We had giant shrimp, sautéed in minced garlic and grated ginger, served over rice pilaf for dinner, watched a documentary on the National Geographic Channel, and retired at 11 PM.

Sunday morning, we attended service at Harvest Christian Center, following which we did our weekly grocery shopping. We snacked on beef taquitos and guacamole and played Trivial Pursuit. We played only two games--each of us winning one game. We lazed about and watched various television programs. From 3 PM to 5 PM, Laura attend meetings at Harvest Christian Center. We had sautéed Cajun dogs on toasted onion bagels for dinner, watched Animal Planet, and retired at 11 PM.

Monday, I made a frittata while Laura did laundry and cleaned the house. We watched a "Walker, Texas Ranger" marathon on the Hallmark Channel. I poached asparagus and grilled New York steaks and calamari steaks for dinner. We watched a few more episodes of "Walker, Texas Ranger," and retired at 11 PM.

It was a very peaceful, restful weekend!