Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Satanic Verses, Buckle Up!, -and- On Second Thought

Satanic Verses - "Da Vinci Code" gets thumbs down from Cannes critics
Buckle Up! - seat belt saves woman from bullet
On Second Thought - man falls in love with woman he robs

Bill Gates and MTV have joined forces to declare war on the iPod. Until today, the iPod has dominated the market for Internet music downloads. Apple, manufacturer of the iPod, controls 68 per cent of the download market through its online music service, iTunes. The second-largest operator, Napster, controls only 4.4 per cent.

Today, Bill Gates' Microsoft company and MTV are launching the first serious rival to the iPod. The service, called Urge, will use Microsoft's Media Player technology and MTV's marketing power to target owners of non-iPod digital music players.

Individual songs will cost the same to download as iPod songs, but the Microsoft/MTV service will offer a new all-you-can-listen-to service. Apple does not offer a subscription service. Urge is also planning to offer video downloads.