Monday, May 22, 2006

Bad Press, Drink Up!, -and- Show Me the Money

Bad Press - Elton John says all photographers should be shot
Drink Up! - wallaby milk hailed as cure-all
Show Me the Money - Democrat congressman caught on tape taking bribe

What disappointing weather we had this weekend! It drizzled all afternoon and into the evening on Friday, it was overcast and windy Saturday and Sunday, and it rained Sunday afternoon and into the night! Today, the sun has returned!

Friday evening while Laura worked in the nursery at Harvest Christian Center, I previewed "Domino." The story sounded interesting (the true story of a female bounty hunter), but my preview quickly determined that the movie was entirely too vulgar for our viewing. We watched two episodes of "Walker, Texas Ranger" when Laura returned home.

Saturday, we grilled chicken breasts, Jalapeños, mushrooms, yellow squash, and white potatoes. We watched "Shrek 2" for the fourth time. What a wonderful movie! Later that evening, we watched "The Fog" and found it to be entertaining and exciting.

Sunday, Laura did a spicy dry rub on two racks of baby back ribs, tossed them onto the grill, bone-side down over indirect heat, and tended them for three hours, spraying them every 20 minutes with a mixture of 1/2 apple cider vinegar and 1/2 apple juice. While they roasted, we watched "Ray." It was remarkably well done and thoroughly enjoyable. The ribs were delightful!