Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bloodlust, The Bare Facts, -and- Free at Last

Bloodlust - teen vampiress attacks schoolgirls
The Bare Facts - dude ranch becomes nude ranch
Free at Last - man freed from life sentence by DNA evidence after serving 17 years

Great Scott! The wind is howling! The wind is so fierce that it is difficult to stand erect! What would otherwise be a perfect morning is severely marred by howling wind. At least it is warm and dry! Forecasts show the wind abating by late morning. Perhaps this will be one of those rare times when the forecasters are correct!

My friend, Chris, from Michigan, has an excellent photograph on his blog. Take a look at Kung Fu Kitty!

Laura and I met via email six years ago. She was living in Santa Cruz, CA, researching the olive industry. She happened upon several of my Web sites during her research and emailed me to express her appreciation of the sites. An email relationship developed, and soon we decided to meet. Soon, Laura was driving to Corning each weekend! The commute quickly became onerous, she moved here, and we were married.

We drove to Santa Cruz in a rented U-Haul truck and collected Laura's belongings. We stopped to dine at Pink Godzilla Sushi Bar before returning to Corning. While doing some spring cleaning here at the office, I found a napkin from Pink Godzilla. The food at Pink Godzilla is wonderful, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting Santa Cruz!

Here is a scan of a napkin from Pink Godzilla Sushi Bar - Santa Cruz, CA.
Click to enlarge.

Scan of napkin from Pink Godzilla Sushi Bar - Santa Cruz, CA