Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Raving Mad, Open Wide, -and- Now You See It

Raving Mad - man takes 40,000 ecstasy pills in 9 years
Open Wide - mouth grills become flashy fashion trend
Now You See It - smart glasses switch focus instantly

Horse advocates have tried for years to close three foreign-owned plants in the United States that slaughter horses and ship the meat to France, Belgium, Italy, and Japan, where it is served in restaurants as a delicacy.

Congress amended an agriculture spending bill last fall to ban using taxpayer funds to inspect horse meat. This would effectively stop horse slaughter in the United States, because federal law requires the inspection of all meat.

But the Department of Agriculture issued new rules last month allowing the plants to keep operating by paying the $350,000 annual cost of the inspections.

Concerning yesterday morning's visitor, I have no knowledge of whether she managed to locate the shop where she had made an appointment. I did see her at the Post Office this morning, however, and took this photograph of her car. Click to enlarge.