Monday, April 17, 2006

Fish Story, Prayer Power, -and- All Dressed Up

Fish Story - monster catfish caught on video
Prayer Power - man's life saved by miracle
All Dressed Up - sweaters knitted to save penguins

POSER: (Congratulations to Cindy for solving!)
Q: What do you call a dognapper at a fire house?
A: Spot remover!

With the exception of a few brief rainstorms Sunday afternoon, Easter weekend was sunny, warm, and dry! Today is particularly beautiful. The sun is shining brightly, the sky is a brilliant blue, and the birds are singing!

Saturday evening, we ate pizza and watched Walk the Line. The movie was wonderful, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has not already seen it! We enjoyed it so much that we intend to watch it again very soon.

Following a glorious Easter service at Harvest Christian Center, Laura and I went shopping. It rained briefly and lightly while we were in the market, but the rain ceased when we exited the market. We snacked on pizza rolls, sipped Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and played several games of Trivial Pursuit. Laura was victorious.

We dined on pork loin chops, sautéed with white onion, whole garlic cloves, Jalapeños, sliced mushrooms, and halved white potatoes in creamy mushroom sauce. Following dinner, we watched The Cave. The movie was suspenseful and exciting.