Thursday, April 20, 2006

Knock Knock, With This Ring, -and- Drive My Car

Knock Knock - fake door-to-door breast exam doctor busted
With This Ring - man advertises for child bride with yard sign
Drive My Car - 8-year-old takes teacher's minivan for trip home

Regardless of the outcome of the Duke lacrosse rape case, there are lessons to be learned: You can greatly reduce the chances of being charged with rape if you do not hire strange women to come to your house and take their clothes off for money. Also, you can greatly reduce your chances of being raped if you do not go to strange men's houses and take your clothes off for money. Bad behavior does not excuse other bad behavior, certainly, but it can explain it.

The weather is beautiful again today: The day is sunny, warm, and filled with the singing of birds! Forecasts still call for rain this weekend, but gazing at the morning sky makes this prospect seem remote. If the weather holds, there will be pig ribs roasting on the grill Saturday. The grill tasted flesh last Sunday when chicken was fed it, and it is a hungry, feral beast that cries out for more flesh!

Here is a photograph I took of The Greg Kihn Band in concert in the gym at CSUC in 1974. Click to enlarge.

The Greg Kihn Band in concert at CSUC, 1974 (c) David Louis Harter