Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Queerly Beloved, The Price Is Not Right, -and- Ghost Story

Queerly Beloved - suit filed after Kentucky college ousts gay man
The Price Is Not Right - woman with 97 cents gets $328,000 home
Ghost Story - police see paranormal activity in British pub

Yesterday morning was overcast and a bit breezy, but the sun appeared just after noon, and the balance of the day was beautiful! Today, the sun is shining brightly, and it was 65 degrees at 8:30 AM! Perhaps spring is finally here!

This morning, a visitor arrived at my office with the sole intent of vehemently opposing homeschooling, in general, and my espousal of it, in particular. I explained that while she was certainly welcome to share her views by commenting on my blog, I had neither the time nor the desire to listen to her rantings in person. She became calm, apologized, and said that she would express her views in a comment. While natural curiosity causes me to wonder why she is so dramatically opposed to homeschooling, this curiosity is not sufficiently strong to overcome my desire to begin the day undisturbed. I shared this with her, and she nodded and slithered off into the vast outdoors.