Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Left Behind and In the News

Left Behind - Laura intended to bring In-N-Out burgers home for dinner, but she neglected to do so. They spent a lonely night sequestered in the refrigerator at her work. I created this image to remind her:

Laura emailed me this image in order to allay my fears the burgers would be left behind yet again:

I further cautioned her regarding the safe passage of my burger!

As I pondered my burger's fate—would my burger arrive safely?—I received an email from my good friend, Chris. His message contained this photograph of his travel from work to home. (Note that his returning home in this weather necessarily indicates he had to have traveled TO work during the early hours of darkness!) I was suddenly saddened to realize how I had placed concern for the safe passage of my burger above concern for my friend!

However, when my In-N-Out burger arrived, and I took my first bite I fell fully under the thrall of the burger! I became one with the burger! Nothing else mattered!

In the News - They walk among us!

  • Jesse Ventura Hiding from Drones
  • Ghost White Baby Born Without Any Blood
  • Mystery Monkey Spotted in Florida Neighborhood Breaking into Cars
  • Town Rules Make Hot Dog Vendor Move Truck Every 15 Minutes