Monday, February 11, 2013

In a World of Human Wreckage

In a world of human wreckage where I'm lost and I'm found and I can't touch the ground - Sponge said it, and I absolutely agree. I read the news and determine it impossible to propose otherwise. Laura often cautions me regarding my predilection for reading news. Historically, I thought this an advisable preoccupation. More and more, however, I find that the news is so rife with tales of loathsome events and behavior that I am very often inclined to eschew it entirely. My penchant for knowledge and my desire to keep informed, however, disallow my doing so.

This story caused me to enthusiastically cheer: Authorities post $1 million reward for ex-Los Angeles policeman. My cheering quickly abated, however, when I saw other news articles that recounted the grotesque and abominable endorsement of Christopher Dorner—the fugitive former Los Angeles cop suspected of targeting police officers and their families in three killings committed in retaliation for his 2008 firing. I find it at once unconscionable and astounding that liberals such Charlie Sheen and Piers Morgan are praised by Dorner, as outlined in his "manifesto," and even more disheartened that this support is reciprocal. Charlie Sheen says, "Call me"! Piers Morgan postulates that Dorner should be viewed somehow as a "rebel with a cause."

A Facebook page proclaiming that Dorner should be made president has been liked by nearly 3,000 people!

I could not possibly be more appalled. In my mind, nothing imaginable could provide satisfactory punishment for Christopher Dorner. The $1,000,000 reward is a good start, however!