Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Details at Eleven

Details at Eleven - Today is a particularly good day for those who enjoy stupid criminals, bad parents, high-speed chases, shootouts, riots, and bizarre news. While each day certainly finds such stories spewing forth from the media, today is particularly replete with such items.

  • Man arrested after calling 911 nine times trying to order a cheeseburger
  • Student Threatened with Suspension for Wearing Marines T-shirt
  • Police: Man Assaults Teen Boy With Taco Bell Burrito
  • Music mogul wants to trade guns for Beyonce tickets
  • Billionaire to build exact copy of Titantic, sail across Atlantic
  • Spas Offering IV Drips To Help Cure Sunburn, Hangovers, Lethargy
  • 9-year-old rapper's adult-themed videos prompt state probe
  • Cops: Woman Stabbed Roommate After Wasted Electricity Argument
  • Man Allegedly Impersonates Deputy For Months To Impress Girlfriend
  • Fleeing Suspect Allegedly Tells Deputy He "Always Runs From The Law"
  • Man Fakes Robbery To Avoid Telling Wife He Blew $1K At Strip Club
  • Man Caught with 100 Bags of Heroin in Body Cavity