Monday, February 04, 2013

Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights), Zombie Road Trip, and Photoshopping O

Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights) - I was relaxing abed last evening, playing "Zombie Road Trip" (easily my favorite game currently), and I saw a notification from the Sacramento Bee flash upon my Google Nexus 7's display. I saw "Super Bowl halted by power outage" appear briefly on the screen and was compelled to open the notification window and click on the link. The story in the Sacramento Bee was brief—simply stating that the power had failed, most of the Super Bowl was in darkness, and game-play had been halted. Laura had been napping in the living room. She awakened and joined me in the bedroom. I told her what I had just read. Initially, she did not believe me (I am known to exaggerate, on occasion). She judged by my expression that I was serious, however, and said, "Well, aren't you glad we didn't go?" I agreed, of course, but there was never a consideration of attending, so her remark was satirical. I chortled merrily.

Laura then slithered into the kitchen and returned with two bowls of strawberry ice cream. We both played "Zombie Road Trip" and ate strawberry ice cream. I suggested that it was an impossibility to achieve a more enjoyable posture, and she agreed.

"Zombie Road Trip" - I quickly fell under the thrall of this game. Yesterday afternoon, I played non-stop for nearly three hours. I highly recommend the game to all!

Photoshopping O - The White House released what was stated to be a photograph of O firing a shotgun. Photoshoppers immediately began producing variations: Bang!