Friday, April 06, 2007

Queerly Beloved, Law of the Land, -and- Fighting Back

Queerly Beloved - Disney opens Fairy Tale Weddings to same-sex couples
Law of the Land - Boy Scouts defeat ACLU
Fighting Back - off-duty deputy shoots, kills intruder

On this day in history: April 6, 1868 - Mormon prophet Brigham Young marries 23-year-old Ann Eliza Webb. This is Young's 27th wife, 18 of which are still married to him.

Born on this day in history: April 6, 1928 - James D. Watson (1928 - ____) biochemist. He established (with Crick) DNA's molecular structure which is the basis for heredity; awarded the Nobel Prize 1962.

Today's Video: Dodge Nitro - Jump

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I thought it might interest readers to see the countries of origin for visitors to this blog.

Happy Good Friday! I wish everyone a very happy Good Friday and Easter! Glory be unto Christ, our Lord and Savior!