Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fighting Back, Unappealing, -and- Taxi Driver

Fighting Back - pregnant wife of store owner shoots would-be robber
Unappealing - court says MySpace postings free speech
Taxi Driver - NYC couple offers cabbie $3000 to take them to Arizona

On this day in history: April 10, 2003 - FBI agents raid the Noonday, Texas home of avowed white supremacist William Joseph Krar. Upon searching the domicile and some rented storage units, the agents turn up an arsenal including briefcase bombs with remote-controlled detonators, full-auto machine guns, silencers, nearly 500,000 rounds of ammunition, a 1953 military land mine, more than 800 grams of sodium cyanide, and a copy of "The Turner Diaries." Krar later receives 11 years for possession of a dangerous chemical weapon.

Born on this day in history: April 10, 1951 - Steven Seagal (1951 - ____) actor, author Hies black belt in martial arts in judo, kendo, & aikido is demonstrated in the films "Above the Law," and "Hard to Kill."

Today's Video: Has Anybody Seen My Gal?

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This is a hoot!

1. Go to Google
2. Click on "maps"
3. Click on "get directions"
4. Type "New York City" in the "from" box
5. Type "London" in the "to" box
6. Click on "get directions"
7. Scroll down to step #23
8. Chortle

The weatherpeople are wrong again! Rain was predicted for today. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the clouds are white and scattered, and the birds are singing joyously. The weatherpeople are wrong again!