Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cats!, Picture This, -and- Hic!

Cats! - homeowner with 300 felines charged with animal cruelty
Picture This - newspaper photographer altered 79 photographs
Hic! - drunken man emerges unscathed from under train

On this day in history: April 17, 1965 - The FBI Laboratory in Washington reports their inability to make out the vocals on the hit single "Louie Louie." Thus, the Bureau is unable to determine whether the record constitutes obscene matter.

Born on this day in history: April 17, 1837 - J. P. Morgan (1837 - 1913) financier. He formed U.S. Steel, 1901 which became the first billion-dollar corporation in the world.

Today's Video: Golf-playing Parrot

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Laura returned safely last evening. She declared that it was wonderful to be home. The cats were a bit aloof at first, since they smelled on Laura the scent of her daughter's dogs. They soon realized it was, after all, Laura and began showing her great attention.

Despite weather forecasts of rain for today, it is a perfect morning! The sun is shining brightly, the sky is blue and clear, and the birds are singing. There is no trace of the wind that has been plaguing us of late. It was 67 degrees in my office when I arrived here at 7:15 AM. Rain is forecast for tomorrow, also. I sincerely hope the weatherpeople are wrong yet again!