Monday, April 23, 2007

Fighting Back, Wipe Out, -and- Buzz

Fighting Back - armed Miss America 1944 stops intruder
Wipe Out - Sheryl Crow calls for limit on toilet paper
Buzz - vanishing honeybees mystify scientists

On this day in history: April 23, 1951 - Lenny Bruce is arrested in Miami Beach, Florida for fraudulently soliciting funds for a leper colony while dressed as a priest.

Born on this day in history: April 23, 1928 - Shirley Temple Black (1928 - ____) actress, diplomat. As a child actress she was the #1 Hollywood attraction, 1938; U.S. ambassador to Ghana, 1974-76.

Today's Video: Otters Holding Hands

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This is the new Swiss Army Gun! Click to enlarge.

Today promises to be a beautiful day. The sun is shining brightly, and temperatures in the upper 70s are forecast. Saturday was windy and chilly, and it rained sporadically. This did not deter us from grilling, however. During a brief window of opportunity, Laura braved the weather and grilled pork loin chops and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. She dry-rubbed them with Cajun seasoning, charred them on both sides, moved them away from the flames, sprayed with a mixture of one part extra-virgin olive oil and three parts balsamic vinegar, and continued cooking until they were done. I made a pot of Cajun beans with white onion, garlic, Jalapeño peppers, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, brown sugar, molasses, tomato sauce, Cajun seasoning, ground Cayenne pepper, ground black pepper, and white beans. It was a delightful meal.

Yesterday was sunny and warm most of the day. There was a brief rain early in the afternoon that lasted only a few minutes. Laura grilled a large London broil perfectly (charred on the outside and rare in the center). I made garlic mashed sweet potatoes and steamed green beans. It was an excellent meal.