Monday, April 30, 2007

ET SUVs?, Captive!, -and- Sharp!

ET SUVs? - climate change hits Mars
Captive! - Boy George arrested for kidnapping
Sharp! - eviction threat over razor wire

On this day in history: April 30, 1961 - Lee Harvey Oswald, during his stay in the Soviet Union, marries hospital employee Marina Prusakova. Oswald later becomes disenchanted with Soviet life, and the couple emigrates to the United States. Even so, he never permits his wife to learn English.

Born on this day in history: April 30, 1933 - Willie Nelson (1933 - ____) musician, singer. He won Grammys for country songs "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain," 1975 and "Georgia on My Mind," 1978.

Today's Video: Ghost Ride the Whip Compilation

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It was 61 degrees outside, according to Mr. Nitro's temperature probe, and 71 degrees inside my office at 7:15 AM this morning. This promises to be a warm day. The weather was fine all weekend—with temperatures reaching the low 90s.

I positioned Mr. Nitro on the front lawn Friday afternoon. When he became shaded by the tree under which I positioned him, I bathed him lovingly, using Mothers California Gold Car Wash, and dried him with a soft cotton towel. I allowed him to spend the night on the lawn. In the morning, I applied Mothers Reflections Advanced Leather Care to his leather seats. He shines!