Monday, January 29, 2007

House of Filth, Never Too Young, -and- Liberals Gone Wild

House of Filth - 66 pets found in house
Never Too Young - 12-year-old boy undergoes sex change
Liberals Gone Wild - Florida gives gun permits to felons

On this day in history: January 29, 1919 - Prohibition begins, and with it the rise of organized crime.

Born on this day in history: January 29, 1880 - W. C. Fields (1880 - 1946) actor, comedian. He was famous in vaudeville, stage, film and radio for hard drinking and dislike of children; starred with Mae West in "My Little Chickadee," 1940.

Today's Video: Blonde in a Library

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I went to Italy over the weekend. I realized I would need to learn how to ask, "Where is the restroom?" in Italian in order to survive. I practiced this phrase in during the flight. Soon after arriving in Rome, I found that I needed to use the restroom. I turned to a nearby Italian woman and asked, "Dove è il restroom?" in excellent Italian.

Unfortunately, I was unable to understand her reply!