Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You've Got Mail, Parenting Gone Wild, -and- No Pain No Gain

You've Got Mail - man accused of sending 2 billion spam emails
Parenting Gone Wild - mom gives 13-year-old son pot as reward for doing homework
No Pain No Gain - weightlifting damages eyes

On this day in history: September 13, 1971 - After 1,300 rioting prisoners reject a list of proposed concessions because it lacks immunity from prosecution, New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller orders an attack to retake Attica prison. In all, 29 prisoners die and 85 are wounded; and 10 hostages are killed.

Born on this day in history: September 13, 1920 - Bill Monroe (1920 - 1996) musician, instrumentalist. He was the originator of the Bluegrass-style of country popular music; also known as a singer and mandolin player.

Be certain to watch this hilarious Mountain Dew commercial! Now, That's Fast!

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Joe Francis and the Santa Monica-based company he built on "Girls Gone Wild" videos pleaded guilty Tuesday to violating federal laws designed to prevent the sexual exploitation of children. He agreed to pay fines totaling $2.1 million. Under the terms of the agreement with the Justice Department, Francis agreed to personally pay a $500,000 fine to settle charges in Los Angeles that he failed to keep records of the ages and identities of the women who appeared in his films. As a result, Francis said in a statement, footage of minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct appeared in at least two DVDs he released. As part of Tuesday's deal, Mantra Films agreed to pay $1.6 million in fines and restitution to settle similar charges in a separate case in Florida. Mantra pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Panama City, Florida, to 10 counts of breaking federal record-keeping and labeling laws for sexually-explicit material.

A portion of the evidence used by the Justice Department investigation that resulted in Tuesday's guilty pleas came from a separate case filed in Panama City in 2003. The state attorney's office filed a 77-count complaint in Florida circuit court that alleged that Francis and his crew took a 16-year-old girl and four 17-year-old girls to a motel and paid them to engage in sexual conduct with one another in a shower in front of his cameras. He also paid two of the girls $50 each to engage in sexual actions with him, according to the complaint. Authorities seized film footage, Francis' Ferrari and his personal jet.

Also pending is a civil case alleging child abuse and sexual exploitation, which was filed against Francis, his crew, and his company by the parents of the young women in Panama City.