Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Old News, Bunnies Gone Wild, -and- All in the Game

Old News - Google to offer news archive going back 300 years
Bunnies Gone Wild - VW ad campaign based on promiscuity
All in the Game - youth football coach attacks 12-year-old boy

On this day in history: September 6, 1951 - During a drinking party in Mexico City, author William S. Burroughs instructs his wife, Joan, to balance a glass of gin on her head. He then takes careful aim with his new .38 pistol and unintentionally blows her brains out in front of their friends. The Mexican authorities later charge Burroughs with criminal imprudence.

Born on this day in history: September 6, 1888 - Joseph P. Kennedy (1888 - 1969) financier, diplomat. He was the self-made millionaire who founded the Kennedy political dynasty; was ambassador to Great Britain, 1937-40.

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LAS VEGAS - Mayor Oscar Goodman, the flamboyant, gin-sipping, sports-gambling, showgirl-squiring executive of Sin City, is caught in a contradiction. For years, he had told the world, "There is no mob." This was when he was a defense lawyer who represented mobsters and even had a cameo playing himself in "Casino." Now, as mayor, he wants to take a National Historic Landmark, the old federal courthouse where he tried his first case, and turn it into a mob museum. Many of Goodman's constituents and some former FBI agents are appalled by the idea, but Goodman insists he's just recognizing Vegas' founding fathers. "The mob founded us, and I never apologized for them because I represented them, and they made me a rich man," he said.