Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bite Me!, Undercover Dad, -and- Clueless

Bite Me! - panda bites man, man bites back
Undercover Dad - father spies on opponents to aid son
Clueless - girls post explicit images, shocked to see them elsewhere

On this day in history: September 20, 1973 - A Beechcraft D-18 charter plane crashes into a tree near Natchitoches, Louisiana, killing singer/songwriter Jim Croce, his lead guitarist, and the entire flight crew.

Born on this day in history: September 20, 1934 - Sophia Loren (1934 - ____) actress. She won an Oscar for "Two Women;" wrote autobiography "Sophia: Living and Loving," 1979.

Be certain to watch this hilarious video! Submitted by Laura. Treadmill

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We watched "Dog: The Family Speaks" last evening. It was very interesting and informative. While Duane Chapman, his son, and his brother are currently free on bail, Duane must wear a monitoring device and comply with a 11 PM-to-5 AM curfew. Charges pending in Mexico could send them to a Mexican prison for up to 4 years—all because the Chapmans captured serial rapist Andrew Luster. Luster was on the FBI's Top 10 list and had eluded all other law enforcement officers. The Chapmans did the world a great service and now face potential punishment for doing so!

If you missed the show last evening, it is being repeated several times. It is also available online at A&E Online

Here is a special alert for those who plan to travel by air. Click to enlarge.