Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Unsafe at Any Speed, Don't Shoot!, -and- Scram!

Unsafe at Any Speed - 14-year-old girl sues MySpace.com for $30 million
Don't Shoot! - filming stopped by SWAT team
Scram! - new law would oust all sex offenders from county

On this day in history: June 20, 1893

Lizzie Borden is found innocent of giving her stepmother and father forty and forty-one whacks, respectively.

I was watching news coverage of the fires in Arizona this morning. A client entered my office, watched for a moment, and said, "What a shame. It's a good thing nobody lives there." "500 residences were evacuated," I said. "No, that was in Texas," she replied. "Texas suffered flash floods," I replied. "Arizona would welcome some of the rain that fell on Texas." "No," she said, "the flooding was in New Orleans, and everything's okay now." "Excuse me," I said, in an attempt to change the subject. "Is there something I can do for you other than marvel at your incredibly poor knowledge of current events?" "Well, you signed me up with Snowcrest for my Internet," she said. "And?" I replied. "Well, everything worked fine for a long time, and then we saw an ad on TV for Netscape, and it was a lot cheaper, so we signed up for Netscape and called Snowcrest and canceled with them." "And?" I asked. "Now I don't get my email anymore." "Did you give your contacts your new email address?" I asked. "I don't have a new email address," she replied. "Well, there you have it," I said. "Your contacts have nowhere to send your email." Her brow furrowed, and she sighed loudly. "Isn't there anything I can do?" she asked. "You could give your contacts the email address provided you by Netscape." "What is is?" she asked. "You must call Netscape and ask them." "Okay," she said. "Do you have their number?" "No," I said. "Just use the same number you used when you called them and initiated service." "I don't have it," she replied. "I called them when I saw the TV ad and didn't write it down." "Ah," I said. "Watch carefully for the Netscape television advertisement, keep pen and paper at hand, and when the advertisement airs, be certain to write down the number." "Thank you," she said, as she scurried away.