Friday, June 16, 2006

Room With a View, Concrete Evidence, -and- Hic!

Room With a View - Brooklyn man puts tree house up for rent
Concrete Evidence - man makes casts of purported Bigfoot prints
Hic! - man facing 13th DUI shows up in court drunk

On this day in history: June 16, 1999

The founder of the United Kingdom's Monster Raving Loony Party, one Screaming Lord Sutch (real name David Edward Sutch, 3rd Earl of Harrow), is found hanged at his late mother's residence. Sutch was the longest lasting party leader in the UK at the time of his death, ruled a suicide. One of the Loony Party planks was to ask rhetorically, "Why is there only one Monopolies Commission?"

The weather is beautiful again today. It was 75 degrees when I arrived at my office at 8 AM. The prospect of great weather for the weekend is excellent.

I awakened yesterday morning with a Charles equine in my right calf. It is sore yet. I took an extra dosage of potassium and prayed healing over it. I shall spend some time with Lucinda (our Reebok recumbent cycle) when I arrive home this afternoon.

I received an email complaint this morning concerning my Corning Olive Festival Web site. The author complained that the photographs there were not current. I politely explained that, while my camera--a Nikon D1 digital SLR--is very technologically advanced, it is incapable of taking photographs of events that have not yet taken place. Since the event is scheduled to take place in August, it is highly unlikely that anyone has photographs of it, I concluded.