Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cluck Cluck, Fighting Back, -and- Just Say No

Cluck Cluck - Dixie Chicks tour struggling
Fighting Back - 81-year-old store owner shoots would-be robbers
Just Say No - Vietnamese officials faulted for not singing karaoke

Our cats have no front claws. They are indoor cats. My cat, Zeus, is an "escape artist." Whenever a door is opened, he scurries to escape to the great outdoors. He does not go far, content to loll on the front steps or nibble at grass a few feet from the doorway. He is unaware of the dangers that lurk outdoors and views my capture of him and his subsequent return to the safety of the house as an inconvenience. Laura's cat, Thor, is considerably less focused upon escape. He will eventually venture outdoors if the door is open sufficiently long, but generally he poses no escape threat.

Violence is everywhere these days. While opening my office this morning, mine eyes fell to this tragic scene of assaulted peanut! Click to enlarge.