Friday, June 02, 2006

Dosing the Dew, Holdup 101, -and- Enter Password

Dosing the Dew - teenage understudy put Clorox in lead actress's soda
Holdup 101 - would-be robber asks bank how to do it
Enter Password - extortion-virus code cracked

The weatherpeople were not completely wrong yesterday: A very, very light rain fell for a few seconds yesterday afternoon. Today, the sky looks ominous--filled with dark clouds! Yikes! It is June; it should be warm and sunny, and the birds should be singing!

Van Morrison singing, "She's as sweet as Tupelo honey..." echoed in my mind as I watched a program on the Discovery Channel. The program was a documentary on honey. I enjoy honey a good deal and found the program entertaining and informative. While discussing various types of honey, the definitive characteristic of Tupelo honey was said to be that it is "...not as sweet..." as other honey! Was Van Morrison simply ignorant of the true nature of Tupelo honey, or was he trying to tell us something about his "angel"? I wonder.