Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Short People, Rated S for Stupid, -and- Happy Birthday

Short People 7-inch baby born in Britain
Rated S for Stupid - scientists laugh at Al Gore's movie
Happy Birthday - man celebrates 100th with wife of 75 years

On this day in history: Jun 13 1920

The United States Postal Service rules that children may not be sent via Parcel Post.

Apple's iPods are made by mainly female workers who earn as little as $50 per month, according to a report in the Mail on Sunday. The report, "iPod City," offers photographs taken from inside the factories that make Apple music players, situated in China and owned by Foxconn.

The Mail visited some of these factories and spoke with staff there. It reports that Foxconn's Longhua plant houses 200,000 workers, remarking: "This iPod City has a population bigger than Newcastle's."

The report claims Longhua's workers live in dormitories that house 100 people, and visitors from the outside world are not permitted. Workers toil for 15 hours a day to make the music player. They earn $50 per month.

Another factory in Suzhou, Shanghai, houses workers outside the plant, and they earn $100 per month, but they must pay for their accommodation and food, which takes up half their salaries.

One must always be cautious where one goes!