Monday, June 12, 2006

Fish Story, Hoodwinked, -and- Are You Nuts?

Fish Story - new shark discovered in US waters
Hoodwinked - KKK stages rally on Civil War Battlefield
Are You Nuts? - judge orders Alec Baldwin to see psychologist

Liberals are a frightening breed. While pronouncing themselves to be "non-religious," modern-day "liberals" are zealots of their own crude, primitive, and barbaric faith. As Ann Coulter puts it: "Liberalism is a comprehensive belief system denying the Christian belief in man's immortal soul. Their religion holds that there is nothing sacred about human consciousness. It's just an accident no more significant than our possession of opposable thumbs. They deny what we know about ourselves: that we are moral beings in God's image. Without this fundamental understanding of man's place in the world, we risk being lured into misguided pursuits, including bestiality, slavery and PETA membership. Liberals swoon in pagan admiration of Mother Earth, mystified and overawed by her power. They deny the biblical idea of dominion and progress, the most ringing affirmation of which is the United States of America."

On this day in history: Jun 12 1994

Nicole Brown Simpson and her male friend Ronald Goldman are savagely murdered in front of Simpson's condominium complex in Brentwood, California. The most plausible suspect turns out to be Nicole's estranged husband O.J., who is arrested for the crime a month later. O.J. Simpson is later found not guilty in a criminal trial and responsible in a civil trial.

An old friend of mine received some shocking news at the doctor's this morning. Click to enlarge.