Monday, June 05, 2006

Munchies, The Wrong Moves, -and- Tardy

Munchies - student suspended for eating staff member's cookie
The Wrong Moves - 17-year-old tries to stop train with kung fu
Tardy - class VP arrested for being late for graduation

The weekend was sunny and very warm, despite forecasts of clouds and showers. We played eight games of Trivial Pursuit and ended in a tie. We were weary and could play no more, so the tie remained unbroken.

We watched "Venom" (a typical teen slasher movie that was somewhat entertaining but very predictable) and "Conviction" (a movie based on the true experiences of a man who is delivered from a life of crime). I recommend "Conviction," despite foul language and violence, because of the message it sends and the illustration of the power of moral conviction.

We did little other than relax over the weekend and--despite the lovely weather--did no grilling until last evening. Laura grilled a giant London broil, to which she had applied a spicy dry rub, along with red onion, Jalapeños, red bell pepper, and white mushrooms. It was a delicious meal.