Monday, July 06, 2015

Hot Weather, the Drought, and Drive Carefully

Hot Weather and the Drought - Here in Northern California, we are experiencing a heat wave and a drought! Either condition alone is most unpleasant. Together, the two produce a nearly unbearable condition.

Our lawn is brown, my vehicle is filthy, and we are unpleasantly hot. It would certainly be worse were it not for a large evaporative cooler, two room air conditioners, and several fans!

It is difficult for me to recall how once I anticipated the hot season with relish! But I did! When I was younger, I enjoyed hot weather greatly. Apparently, those days are gone forever!

How hot has it been? It has been well past 100 degrees for several days. Today is forecast to be a comparatively pleasant 97 degrees!

Drive Carefully - The streets and roadways are dangerous places always. During extremely hot weather such as we now have, the dangers increase greatly!

Impaired drivers, distracted drivers, and road rage are ever-present dangers. The probability that one will encounter such drivers increases greatly during hot weather.

One must be ever-vigilant and drive with great caution and considerable attention to the conditions around one. When the weather is hot, tempers flare, drivers' attention diminishes, and people tend to drive with greater speed and less caution than they would otherwise.

It is not sufficient that one be attentive to one's own driving: It is crucial that one be attentive to the drivers with whom one shares the roadways!