Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Brrrrr!, Discourtesy, and Roadkill Cars

Brrrrr! - It is difficult to acclimate to this sudden change in the weather—going from triple-digit highs only a few days ago to a forecast high of 77° tomorrow! While a drop in temperature was certainly welcome, the quickness with which it took place puts a strain on one's system.

At the moment, it is a relatively brisk 66°. For the brief period that I was outside—walking a few yards from my home to my vehicle and then from my vehicle to my office—I found the coolness to be restorative and invigorating.

I arrived at my office and scurried to disable the alarm system. I heard the telephone ringing as I unlocked the front door. Clients were awaiting me. I said, "Come in and excuse me while I answer my telephone."

I answered the telephone. The caller said his computer would not allow him to connect to any of several Web sites that he routinely visited without issue. I told him that I was with clients but would be pleased to look at his computer this afternoon. He said maybe I could just tell him what to do over the phone to get it working so he didn't have to bring it to me.

I told the caller that it was unlikely his computer could be fixed in that manner and attempting to do so would be grossly unfair to the clients who were waiting to speak to me.

The caller became agitated and said he needed the computer fixed right away. I said, "I must go now. Should you decide to bring your computer here, I have unscheduled time this afternoon after 1 P.M. He sid nothing and ended the call.