Friday, June 05, 2015

Gingerbread Day, In the News, and Enjoy

Gingerbread Day - Today is Gingerbread Day!

Gingerbread is a sweet food-product flavored with ginger and typically using honey or molasses (treacle) rather than just sugar.

Gingerbread foods vary, ranging from a soft, moist loaf cake to something close to a ginger biscuit. The different types likely share a common origin.

In the News - They walk among us!

  • Priest Rides "Possessed" Man Like Donkey in Bizarre Exorcism
  • Massive Data Breach Could Affect Every Federal Agency
  • Cat Parasite Tied to Schizophrenia, Mental Illnesses
  • Japan Firm Sells Human Pillow Cellphone Holder
  • Suspected Drug Dealer Chews off Cop Car Seat Belt to Attend Son's Birthday Party

    Enjoy - Relax and enjoy these images and videos!