Wednesday, June 05, 2013

National Hot Air Balloon Day, the Wi-Fi in your home can track your moves,

National Hot Air Balloon Day - Today is National Hot Air Balloon Day. The oldest successful human-carrying flight dates back to 1783. Hot air balloon rides are popular in the early morning or late afternoon. The Annual Long Branch Festival was a popular venue for hot air balloons. Sadly, this year, they will not be included.

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The Wi-Fi In Your Home Can Track Your Moves - Would you like to turn off the living room lights from bed, change channels while washing dishes, or turn the heat up from the couch? A team at the University of Washington has rigged a standard Wi-Fi home network to detect your movements anywhere in the home and convert them into commands to control connected devices.

UW computer science students looked at the gesture-detection technology as how people affect their environment. Our bodies distort the Wi-Fi signals we use to beam information to and from our laptops and phones. By watching those signals very closely, the team could determine not just what room one is in, but where one is standing and how one is moving one's body. They call the system WiSee.