Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Off to Never-Never Land, Heat of the Moment, -and- Separation of Church and State

Off to Never-never Land - Michael Jackson faces forced sale of ranch
Heat of the Moment - temperature monitors report worldwide global cooling
Separation of Church and State - IRS investigating Obama's church

On this day in history: February 27, 1977 - Rolling Stone Keith Richards arrested in Toronto with his girlfriend Anita Pallenberg for possession of heroin. Found guilty at trial over one year later, he manages to get off with a suspended sentence plus benefit concerts for the blind.

Born on this day in history: February 27, 1932 - Elizabeth Taylor (1932– ) Born in London, film star Elizabeth Taylor was a child actor, notably in "National Velvet" (1944). Later films included "Butterfield 8" (1960), which earned her an Oscar, and "Cleopatra" (1962), which led to her well-publicized marriage to Richard Burton. With Burton, Taylor made several more films, including "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" (1966). In 1985, she founded the American Foundation for AIDS Research. She has been married eight times, including to U.S. Senator John Warner (1976–82). Taylor became a dame in 1999.

Scripture of the Day: Daniel replied, "No wise man, enchanter, magician or diviner can explain to the king the mystery he has asked about, but there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries." - Daniel 2:27-28

Video of the Day: Star Wars according to a 3-year-old

Don't tell Bill I'm quitting. He's having fun.

Due to financial issues, Bill's campaign for Hillary has been scaled down considerably.

Beautiful weather! It is another beautiful day today. It is forecast to be 70 degrees today and warmer yet tomorrow and Friday. The weekend promises to be in the mid-70s. While spring is 23 days away, this weather is very spring-like, and it is very welcome!