Monday, August 13, 2007

Say What?, Carry On, -and- What's the Rush?

Say What? - foreign students better at English than British students
Carry On - crocodiles, cobras found in airplane luggage
What's the Rush? - woman in labor fined $1150 for speeding

On this day in history: August 13, Walt Disney's Bambi premieres in New York City.

Born on this day in history: August 13, Alfred Hitchcock (1899 - 1980) director He was the "Master of Suspense" renown for his suspense films, e.g., "North by Northwest," 1959 and "Psycho," 1960.

Today's Video: Mortimer & Bracket

It is time to return to the Caveman Crib! This incredible and hilarious site has recently been updated, so by all means, journey there when you have a good deal of time to spend there!

Friday evening, we had a Sicilian pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. It was outstanding—a thin, crispy crust and delicious meats and cheeses. It is small, however, and so good we shall have two pizzas when next we enjoy this delight.

Saturday, I made a large potato salad with red potatoes, celery, Jalapeños, kosher dill pickles, red onion, and bacon. I baked the potatoes in the microwave for 5 minutes then placed in the refrigerator for an hour before dicing. This ensures that the potato pieces will be firm. I made a dressing from light mayonnaise, light ranch dressing, spicy brown mustard, rice wine vinegar, dill pickle juice, and wasabi paste. Laura seasoned the salad with ground black pepper, celery salt, and sea salt. She mixed in the dressing and sprinkled the salad with ground paprika and wasabi sesame seeds. I poached some Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. beef ribs in the bag for two hours, removed from the bag, and refrigerated. Laura added ground Cayenne pepper to Jack Daniels barbecue sauce and used this to coat the ribs while she grilled them. It was a delicious meal.

Sunday, I pounded boneless, skinless chicken breasts and stuffed them with sliced mushrooms and sliced Jalapeños (the mushrooms and Jalapeños had been poached for 20 minutes and allowed to dry thoroughly prior to stuffing), Cajun seasoning, and pepperjack cheese. I coated the stuffed breasts with a mixture of Italian bread crumbs and Cajun seasoning. Laura baked the breasts in the oven. They were wonderful. The cheese melted nicely yet stayed inside the breasts. The potato salad from Saturday's dinner accompanied the chicken breasts.