Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Beg of You, Walk this Way, -and- Animal Kingdom

I Beg of You - panhandler shot to death over 25 cents
Walk this Way - town bans police cowboy boots
Animal Kingdom - kangaroo on the loose in Mississippi

On this day in history: August 9, 1969 - Tate Murders by Charles Manson's followers.

Born on this day in history: August 9, 1963 - Whitney Houston (1963 - ____) singer. She won a Grammy, 1986, for top female vocalist; hits include "How Will I Know," 1987; film debut in "The Bodyguard," 1992.

Today's Video: Invisible Water Effect

When I arrived at my office at 7:15 AM this morning, there was a car parked outside my front door. As I opened my door, a woman exited the car and followed me into my office. "What can I do for you?" I asked, as I turned on the lights and the computer monitors and connected the wireless Internet feed. "My Internet's shut off." "What do you mean by 'shut off'?" I inquired. "I mean they turned it off cause my credit card got cancelled." "I see," I said. "What can I do for you?" "You can tell them to turn it back on and send me a bill and I'll send them a money order," she replied. "It may not be an option to pay by money order," I said. "Who is your Internet service provider?" (I represent three ISPs, and only one of them accepts payment by money order.) "AOL," she replied. "AOL? I have no connection with AOL," I said. "You would need to contact AOL directly." "I did," she said, "and that's when they told me I was shut off cause of my credit card." "The only option I can offer," I said, "is a new account with Snowcrest. That would be a $15.00 one-time set-up fee, and you would be billed $15.00 a month, payable quarterly, and you may pay by money order." "When do I have to pay the set-up fee?" she asked. "Whenever you wish to initiate service," I replied. "Can't you just send me a bill for it?" she asked, frowning. "I can send you a bill, of course," I said. "Then, when you have the $15.00, you can pay the bill, and I will initiate service." "No," she said, visibly upset, "I mean get me hooked up and send me a bill." "That is not an option," I said. "Have a nice day." She glared at me, said something that I shall not repeat here, and exited my office.

What a lovely way for the day to begin! Yikes!