Friday, March 16, 2007

Fighting Back, Animal Cruelty, -and- Thief

Fighting Back - man with concealed weapon shoots alleged robber
Animal Cruelty - Ohio woman suspected of killing 650 animals
Thief - woman arrested for stealing 837 library items

On this day in history: March 16, 1994 - Figure skater Tonya Harding arrested for obstruction of prosecution during the fallout from the Nancy Kerrigan figure skate clubbing.

Born on this day in history: March 16, 1912 - Pat Nixon (1912 - 1993) first lady. She was a high school teacher before marrying Richard Nixon; biography written by daughter, Juli, 1986.

Today's Video: I Love You, Baby Submitted by Laura.

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While journeying to my office this morning, I saw this unusual scene. Click to enlarge.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, and I would like to wish everyone a safe and festive day!

I received a shipment of whole-grain pasta from Eden Foods Wednesday. Last evening, I cooked a box of Eden Foods gemelli. I sliced red bell pepper, large white mushrooms, and leftover grilled top sirloin. Laura sautéed this in La Conda Ranch extra-virgin olive oil and minced garlic. When this was cooked, she stirred in 2/3 of the gemelli. It was a delightful meal.

Speaking of delightful meals: Laura had Sierra Nevada ahi salad for lunch yesterday and brought a goodly amount of this to me. I shall enjoy it for lunch today!

The updated forecast looks considerably brighter: This beautiful weather is now forecast to extend through Monday. There is the possibility of light showers on Monday, followed by the return of this wonderful weather we have been enjoying!