Monday, August 04, 2014

U.S. Coast Guard Day, Food, Mr. Nitro R/T, In the News, and Enjoy

U.S. Coast Guard Day - Today is U.S. Coast Guard Day!

U.S. Coast Guard Day honors the military branch that protects our waters and shorelines. The U.S. Defense Department suggests that this day is largely an internal celebration for all Coast Guard personnel and their families, past and present. But, we'd like to encourage everyone to honor the brave members of this important branch of the military.

Celebrate U.S. Coast Guard Day by learning more about the responsibilities and functions of the U.S. Coast Guard. They are now playing an even more extensive role in Homeland Security to protect our country.

We salute Coast Guard personnel today and every day.

On August 4, 1790, the Revenue Cutter Service was created by the U.S. Congress. Congress authorized the construction of ten cutters. These ships were built to enforce U.S. tariff laws. The Revenue Cutter Service was the predecessor the U.S. Coast Guard. The name "Coast Guard" was first used in 1915.

Food - Friday afternoon, I departed mine office early and prepared pasta salad, potato salad, and chicken for our weekend's dining. I also produced a great quantity of hot salsa. Weather forecasts indicated the outside temperatures would keep us indoors!

Saturday morning, Laura and I were engaged in a fierce backgammon battle. Breakfast was quick, simple, and very tasty.

Laura produced a fine breakfast Sunday morning: Fried potatoes, sausage, eggs, and avocado. Topped with some of the wonderful salsa I had produced Friday, this was a feast!

Mr. Nitro R/T - Sunday morning, Laura surprised me greatly and pleased me incredibly when she announced she intended to wash Mr. Nitro R/T! He was filthy and craved soap and water. Laura did an excellent job of cleaning him, and he now shines gloriously!

In the News - They walk among us!

  • Man Shoots Himself While Posing for a Selfie
  • Brooklyn Woman "Traumatized" After NYPD's Arrest Left Her Nearly Naked
  • 6-Year-Old Accidentally Drives Battery-Operated Car onto Bronx River Parkway
  • Can Ants Save Earth from Global Warming?
  • 150-pound Tortoise Found Strolling in LA Suburb

    Enjoy - Relax and enjoy these images and videos!