Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fighting Back, Go East Young Man, -and- Animal Kingdom

In the News Today
  • Fighting Back - 66-year-old Redding woman shoots, kills home invader
  • Go East Young Man - more people leaving California than moving there
  • Animal Kingdom - Zebras roam D.C. suburbs

    Technology in the News Today
  • New Software Shows How Much an Image Has Been Photoshopped
  • Australian Plane Crew Extinguishes Smoking, Glowing iPhone
  • Feds Seize 150 Domain Names in 'Cyber Monday Crackdown'

    Born on this Day in History: November 29, 1942 - Diane Ladd landed her breakthrough role in the 1974 film Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, for which she earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. The film was turned into a TV show, "Alice," and Ladd won a Golden Globe Award for her work. Other notable TV credits include "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," "Grace Under Fire," and "Touched by an Angel"—all of which earned her Emmy nods.

    On this Day in History: November 29, 1944 - Malcolm X, then known as small-time criminal Malcolm Little, was arrested for larceny. He received a three months suspended sentence and one year probation.

    Scripture of the Day

    Charles Stanley Quote of the Day

    The amount of time we spend with Jesus - meditating on His Word and His majesty, seeking His face - establishes our fruitfulness in the kingdom.

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