Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Armed and Dangerous, Brave New Schools, -and- Stupid Criminals

In the News Today
  • Armed and Dangerous - cop empties gun at ex-lover, orders pizza
  • Brave New Schools - girl suspended over Confederate flag shirt
  • Stupid Criminals - would-be supermarket burglar falls through ceiling onto check-out line

    Technology in the News Today
  • Stopping Piracy or Censorsing the Web? Groups Lash Out Over Bill
  • The 25 Worst Passwords of 2011
  • 6 Things You Need to Know About iTunes Match

    Born on this Day in History: November 16, 1958 - Marg Helgenberger was born in Fremont, Nebraska. She got her break with a role on "Matlock" and later on "thirtysomething." She followed her television success with a supporting role in Erin Brokovich, In Good Company, and Mr. Brooks.

    On this Day in History: November 16, 1981 - Actor William Holden dies after a fall, hitting his head on a table. He is too drunk to telephone for assistance; instead he bleeds to death while dabbing his serious wound with Kleenex.

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    Charles Stanley Quote of the Day

    Yieldedness is vital in listening to what He has to say.

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