Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Homeland Security, Homeand Insecurity, -and- Brave New Schools

Homeland Security - clown finds airport security no laughing matter
Homeland Insecurity - guilty verdicts in Fort Dix attack plot trial
Brave New Schools - bus driver accused of pulling knife on students over cookie crumbs

On this day in history: December 23, 1995 - Bodies of 16 members of the Solar Temple cult who had committed suicide are found on a plateau in the French Alps. Their bodies are charred and arranged in a star formation. Causes of death included stabbing, asphyxiation, gunshot, and poisoning. In 1994, 53 other members had suicided in similar fashion.

Born on this day in history: December 23, 1948 - Susan Lucci (1948-) Born in Scarsdale, New York, actress Susan Lucci won the part of Erica Kane on daytime soap opera "All My Children" when she was 21, and has portrayed Erica for 30 years. Lucci became famous for 18 Daytime Emmy Award nominations before finally winning in 1999.

Scripture of the Day: Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. - Luke 12:23

Video of the Day: Police vs. Street Racer

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When I arrived home yesterday afternoon at 4 PM, I put away the goods I had purchased at the market and perched in my recliner with my laptop and sent Laura an email. I told her the weather report was predicting a rain storm that night and that she should park in the front of our house to avoid the dismal walkway that would result from such a rain. She parked in the carport at the rear of our house. It is good that she did! It was damp last night, yet there was no rain. It was, however, sufficiently cold that all was covered with a chitinous carapace of rime! Mr. Nitro was fully encased in ice. By parking in the carport, Laura's Yaris was saved this cryogenic fate.