Monday, June 18, 2007

Hot Air, Arf!, -and- Grand Theft Auto

Hot Air - father of climatology dismisses global warming
Arf! - rest homes for dogs
Grand Theft Auto - Honda Accord stolen twice in one day

On this day in history: June 18, 1996 - Ted Kaczynski is indicted on ten criminal counts. He is suspected of being the Unabomber, who perpetrated 16 bomb attacks on people involved in technology.

Born on this day in history: June 18, 1939 - Lou Brock (1939 - ____) baseball player. He held the all-time stolen-base record of 938 (1961-79) until 1991; elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, 1985.

Today's Video: Marilyn Manson 15 Years Ago

Paris Hilton made a friend in jail. Her new friend is so enamored of Paris that she had her image inked onto her foot!

I am displeased to report that the SAVU Smoker Bag was an utter disappointment. While the pig butt cooked in it was incredibly juicy, tender, and delicious, it had no smoke flavor whatever and did not compare favorably with pig roasted on the grill. The six-pound pig butt cooked incredibly quickly—a mere two hours—and cleanup was quick and easy, but the results did not emulate barbecued pig in any way. I recommend the SAVU Smoker Bag as a means of quickly and easily cooking meats and vegetables with ease, but I cannot recommend the bag as an alternative to traditional barbecuing.