Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Abandoned!, Tug of War, -and- Open Wide!

Abandoned! - parents arrested for leaving toddler in Florida sun
Tug of War - pregnant woman attacked over beach towel
Open Wide! - hot-dog champ gets jaw arthritis

On this day in history: June 26, 1945 - The United Nations Charter is signed at San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House.

Born on this day in history: June 26, 1892 - Pearl Buck (1892 - 1973) author. She was known for her novels of life in China, e.g., "The Good Earth"; won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1938.

Today's Video: I Can't See! - submitted by Chris

I saw this accident on my way to the office this morning. Fortunately, I had a tow strap with me, and Mr. Nitro was able to effortlessly pull the tank back onto the road. Click to enlarge.

For dinner last evening, I made steamed green beans and sautéed rock fish fillets. I placed the green beans in a casserole dish, sprinkled with Red Monkey Lemon Pepper Spice Rub, placed a bit of water in the bottom of the dish, and cooked on high for three minutes in the microwave. I seasoned the rock fish fillets on one side only with Red Monkey Mango Habanero Spice Rub and placed in a sauté pan that had been sprayed with Pam. Laura sautéed the fillets for five minutes on medium heat. She did not turn the fillets. It was a delightful meal. The Red Monkey spices are incredible!