Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fighting Back, Hi!, -and- Waaa!

Fighting Back - ex-Marine, 72, teaches pickpocket a lesson
Hi! - man spends year in jail for waving at daughter
Waaa! - apple juice tantrum causes emergency landing

On this day in history: June 27, 1988 - Hillel Slovak, original guitarist from the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers, dies of a heroin overdose in Hollywood.

Born on this day in history: June 27, 1930 - H. Ross Perot (1930 - ____) computer industrialist, philanthropist He is a self-made billionaire; founder/owner of Electronics Data Systems, 1962-84; presidential candidate, 1992.

Today's Video: Surfing Dog! - submitted by Laura

Here is a new photograph showing Mr. Nitro's personalized license plate. Click to enlarge.

We received a shipment of pickled ginger and wasabi sesame seeds yesterday from Asia Foods. We buy pickled ginger from this source regularly. The wasabi sesame seeds are a new item. They are wonderful! We had a salad last evening, featuring mixed greens, green beans, kidney beans, white onion, white mushroom, Jalapeños, yellow squash, and tomatoes. We sprinkled wasabi sesame seeds and Red Monkey Lemon Pepper spice on our salads, atop ranch dressing. The combination of the lemon pepper spice and wasabi sesame seeds was delicious and exciting.