Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cop Gone Wild, Animal Cruelty, -and- Wrong Turn

Cop Gone Wild - sheriff captain charged as peeping tom
Animal Cruelty - woman faced jail time for staring at police dog
Wrong Turn - teen hits school during driving lesson

On this day in history: June 6, 1991 - For robbing a Las Vegas video store five weeks earlier, a judge gives former "Diff'rent Strokes" child star Dana Plato a six-year suspended sentence. Plato's haul from the caper was $164, which she obtained by brandishing a pellet gun at the clerk.

Born on this day in history: June 6, 1887 - Ruth Benedict (1887 - 1948) anthropologist. She was an expert on American Indian tribes; wrote classic "Patterns of Culture," 1934; "Race, Science and Politics," 1940.

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Here is Mr. Nitro visiting with his grandfather. Click to enlarge.

For dinner Monday evening, I poached Atlantic cod fillets in white wine, seasonings, and dill weed. I steamed broccoli and baby carrots. Laura declared that Atlantic cod is her favorite white fish.

For dinner Tuesday evening, I had planned to serve leftover black bean and chicken chili, but Laura declared she was tired of the chili—having eaten it for dinner Saturday and lunch Monday—and wished to have a pasta dish. I cooked whole-grain gemelli and sliced and seasoned zucchini, red bell pepper, and cluster tomatoes. Laura sautéed the vegetables in extra-virgin olive oil and minced garlic. When the vegetables were done, she introduced the gemelli. We sprinkled our pasta with grated mozzarella cheese and crushed red pepper at the table. It was delightful.